Programs and Benefits

For those recovering from substance addictions, bicycling can play a significant role in ensuring success

  • Bicycling rebuilds fitness levels and helps patients to feel more empowered over their bodies, enhancing self-esteem.
  • Bicycling repairs damaged cells.
  • Bicycling offers productive use of time. Those in recovery can pedal to job interviews, workplaces, grocery stores, Purple Wheel3movies, friends’ homes, and support meetings while gaining the health benefits of exercise.
  • Knowing a bicycle is available offers an option to periods of boredom that can often trigger relapses.
  • Many suffering from addiction feel shame. Joining bike
    clubs and organizations helps those in recovery to surround themselves with new active, supportive friends instead of old drinking buddies and drug dealers.
  • Many suffering from addiction feel isolated. Joining a bicycle club helps them to feel accepted by the public, even if they don’t ride. Many clubs have members who don’t ride, but find value in the socializing.

Bicycling is an activity that family members can use to rekindle bonds, build trust, and create shared experiences and lasting memories.

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