Pathway to Home

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Pedal4Life’s Pathway2Home program educates and engages those recovering from opiate addiction in experiencing the physical, social, and emotional benefits of recreational bicycling.IraDavid_Banyan Residents

The 6-week program helps those recovering from opiate use disorders to re-enter their communities as productive, respected, and inspirational members. Results are proving positive and immediate.

Week 1 includes fun and empowering talks, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.15.47 PMa power lunch, and a 5 to 10-mile bicycle ride that reinforces a patient’s sense of community and independence.

Weeks 2-6 include morning rides, power lunches, and bike maintenance clinics that promote independence.

Patients who complete the 6-week program are awarded the bicycles and gear they’ve IraDavid_gets_Hugbeen using throughout the program. Graduates of the program:

  • keep the bicycles, helmets, and gear.
  • receive help with writing resumes for job interviews.
  • become eligible for work with the Pedal America TV show as paid interns and production assistants.
  • get opportunities networking with professionals looking for employees.

We also pay their first year membership dues to any bicycle club they choose to join.  Riders who join clubs engage with people already living healthy lifestyles. Plus, the drug treatment center can more easily track their patients’ progress and measure outcomes.

To inquire about Pathway2Home, or to help fund a program in your area, contact Pedal4Life at 312-961-5308.


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